Why ‘Horsemen’ need to escort late Aku-Uka of Wukari — Prince


As the Aku-Uka of Wukari, Dr Shekarau Angyu Masa-Ibi, pass on, dem don finish him burial rites.

Di burial happen for Taraba state, North-central Naija.

Di burial ceremony still dey fresh for people head because of di display of culture and tradition wey don leave many questions for people mouth.

Di 85 years old monarch, spend 45 years for Wukari Kingdom throne before him kpai in October 2020.

Di biggest question wey people dey ask na about di “Horseman” wey escort di late monarch enta forest to lay am to rest.

On Sunday, videos and pictures begin circulate social media on top di mata.

Di videos dey show how di burial ceremony happun and how di Horseman decorate late Aku.

Prince Masa Ibi Aku, one of di prince’s of Wukari Kingdom, yan BBC about di different tori wey dey trend for social media.


Tori dey fly say di horseman go escort di corpse enta di forest and eh no go return.

But di prince say na lie.

“Many tins for social media no be true, dem say dem don give di Horseman N5 million and say eh must die inside di forest and make him no return. All dat one no be true.

“Di tradition for hundreds of years na say, di horseman go escort di monarch and you must be courageous to do am because anytin fit happun dia.

“You fit jam many tins on di way or coming back like wild animals etc.

“As I dey speak to you now, di horseman don return safely and nothing do dem.

“So all those tins wey dey circulate no be true,” the Prince yan.

Di prince also explain di oda rites wey happen for di transition programme wey people dey also tok-tok about. Especially di women wey shave dia hair.

“Regarding di women wey shave dia hair, those ones na wives and children of di former Aku’s (Kings) and also chiefs of di Kingdom.

“For di men like me, we shave our own hair and beards afta we come back from escorting di Aku before we enta our houses.

“I dey among di last five to return from escorting di Aku.

“Di reason we shave na say by di time new hair begin grow back, new King and new dispensation go don start and di shaved hair don go wit di Aku wey transit to him ancestors.”

Him add say di pipo wey line up for di photos wey go viral na just mourners and sympathizers wey comot to mourn di Aku.

Finally, di Prince say dem go soon announce new Aku.


Unlike wetin some dey tok on social media say di horsemen since from small pikin, him don know say if King kpai, na him go escort am, Prince Masa yan say no be true.

“Selection of di horseman dey happen days before di burial rites go take place and we must consult di gods.

“So no be true say na certain family dey do di work and from childhood pesin don know say na him work.”

According to di tradition, di horseman na him go ride di Aku deep into di Nando forest.

Na there di Aku go jam him ancestors.

As pipo dey escort dem from di start, many go begin turn back untill eh reach point wey be say na only di house man go proceed to take di late monarch to him final resting place.


According to Wukari Kingdom tradition, Aku no dey die.

Him only transit go jam him ancestors. Prince Masa yan BBC.

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