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Saturday, December 4, 2021

We go punish ‘Cute Abiola’ — Naija Navy

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Naija Navy don tok say dem go punish Abdulgafar Ahmad Oliuwatoyin ‘Cute Abiola’.

Dis na sake of say di comedian and military personnel, break their social media policy.

‘Cute Abiola’ na popular comedian wey dey use social media take advertise him talent.

Navy spokesperson, Commodore Sulieman Dahun, yan say Cute Abiola no suppose break di policy but him do am.

Di policy be say military personnel’s no suppose post dem picture or video for social media when dem dey official duty.

Dem also, no suppose comment or share military activities for social media.

Copies of di policy dey available for director of defense information and dem dey available to everybody.

Tori wey dey reach ear be say, di Navy don invite am come explain himself but him neva show.

Dem yan say since him no come, him go serve him punishment.

Di military gree say him na popular entertainer but dem dey worried for him safety as personnel wey him be.

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