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Saturday, December 4, 2021

To serve as govanor, still put eye for senate na longa throat – Ex Sokoto gov.

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Former govanor of Sokoto state, Attahiru Bafarawa, yan for one interview with Channels TV about insecurity for di kontiri, 2023 general elections, and oda mata wey dey worry kontiri people.

Di reporter ask say, “Na you hold power for Sokoto state for two tenure, wetin you go fit yan about your regime?

Di ex-govanor tok say for person to be leader, him no suppose dey tok about everything wey him do for di state.

Na di people suppose yan weda him do beta or not.

Him tok say him go still yan some things about him achievements.

One of dem na say him make sure say kontiri people obey law for di state and him try to open many legit school to educate people.

Him tok say if you no give people education, di people no go get sense.

Him claim say him achievements na major contribution wey help kontiri people for education and health sector, wey bring reach 100 medical doctors.

According to di ex-governor, him no ever reason to borrow money to run anything for him tenure, but him try reduce poverty.

Him govament make beta-beta roads and di most important one be say him connect di entire state to national power grid and him also change Sokoto from ‘Emirates council’ to ‘Sultanate council’.

Channels reporter ask di ex governor about di insecurity mata for di state;

Him say di North don dey fight plenty mata like banditry, kidnapping, so make govament sabi say di fight na for everybody.

Make leadership people join head togeda to fight di mata.

Dis no be party mata (APC, PDP, APGA), dis na everybody for di country mata.

Him yan say any govanor wey don finish him tenure come dey put eye for senate seat, na longa-throat dey worry am.

Say make leadership dey rotate round kontiri people and make e no stop for one person head.

If dem fit dey do like dat Naija, go be correct place to stay.

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