Street pikin wahala for Naija


One beta Thursday afternoon as I dey waka go house, afta all di hustle and bustle for di day, I see some children for corner of road, put head togeda dey try share something.

As I see dem, I sabi say dat thing go dey very important to dem.

Immediately, chest pain me because I understand as everyday hustle be for ordinary Nigerians for di society to see daily chop not to tok of dis street pikins dem.

Dis mata wey I dey yan about na one wey dey happun for all parts of Naija.

But e dey very common for di Northern side of Naija and if you don live for Northern Nigeria, you go understand wetin I de yan.

Street kids wey dem dey call “Almajiri” for di Northern parts of Naija. Dem dey share one bowl of chow.

One thing wey dey pain me na say, most of di things wey people dey give to dem na things wey no dey useful again.

Sometimes na food wey don spoil pata-pata.

I no wan even tok about di times wey dem go enta public dustbin to carry stuffs.

Di issue dey bring plenti wonda-wonda enta my head and e dey skata my head sotey, e dey give me headache.

I begin ask myself wetin our values and norms be for dis country wey go make us allow small-small pikins dey waka upandan for streets like animals for bush wey dey God hand.

Dis picture no concine dis tori but na animals wey dey wildlife. [PHOTO CREDIT: The Telegraph]

No be only us, but Naija mata ‘tie wrapper’

No be say homeless people no dey oda kontiri oo, but Naija mata be like say water don pass cement and engineer don japa.

Di way street children plenti for Naija, dem suppose put am inside Oxford and Cambridge dictionary as di definition of ‘poverty and hunger’.

Begging na dia lifestyle

In case una no know, make I tell una.

E no get di kind development policy and plan wey mankind go make for dis earth, e no dey possible for poverty to disappear from di world.

But no be excuse for di kind level or number of street children wey we get for Naija and I go yan am again say Naija situation of street pikins na to tell you say di poverty level, tie wrapper.

I sure say no be me be di first and I no go be di last person to write about dis mata of children wey dey hustle and live inside dustbin.

I still dey see dem every day, na small thing remain make I shout, make e no be like say na only me dey see dem.

Abi people dey enjoy to see dem?

Yeye govament people

Anoda thing wey dey vex me na say dis street wahala don dey for long but our govament no dey do enough to help di situation.

No mata how we wan reason dis mata, make we no forget say na di children of today get tomorrow (at least na so dem yan us before-before).

If we dey treat some of dem like dis inside dis kontiri wey we dey complain say don spoil, I wonder who go repair am.

We no fit lie to ourselves about di social vices wey dis children dey bring come society.

My brother, my sister na on top time bomb we sidon so!!!

Presido Muhammadu Buhari
Presido Muhammadu Buhari

How we wan solve am?

As long as I and my other kontiri people still dey see homeless children dey waka up and down for road, nothing consine us with development.

So therefore, we as a people must put our effort and join hand with govament to help dis children so dem go dey useful for di society.

Govament follow get hand inside dis blame because di kind money wey we dem carry build almajiri schools, dis pikins dem no suppose dey road.

Anoda palava?

But di main question na if dis children dey ready to stay for school because most of dem don see di street as dia home.

Dia minds no get anything like school inside that na why e no hard for bad people to use dem take commit crime.

If we teach dem skills, na di way to solve dis problem

If I continue dis yan, e no go finish and I no go taya.

No be today I begin dey yan about di issue but I believe say plenti people don put mouth for di mata.

Make e just be say anoda mouth don enter di mata and we hope say as more people dey tok, e go send message to people wey dey corridor of power, make dem help solve di situation.

I go like to mention say, no be by building of schools be di solution but if we look around di world, wetin big companies dey find na cheap labor.

If we fit give dis street children basic survival knowledge, and communication skills, e go go long way to make dem useful to our society.

Finally, before my ink go finish, make we no use grammar and jargons skata our head.

If we wan measure di level of poverty wey dey we land, make we check di amount of street pikins wey dey di kontiri.

I don tok my own… I don japa !!!

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