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Snake Palava: How to prevent am from entering your toilet

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As cases of snake inside people toilet don dey turn serious wahala, Eyesabi wan give you one or two formats to stay safe.

Comot dia food supply

As di saying – Na where man dey chop him dey go. Snakes dey visit where dem dey see dia food.

Animals like rat, frogs and insects dem dey attract di reptiles.

Seal holes and cracks

Look round your house, seal di holes and cracks wey dey your walls and toilet chambers.

As small as dem dey look, snakes fit use di holes infiltrate your caban.

Cover your WC

Always dey cover your water closet seat after you finish dey use am.

Maintain clean environment

Clear grasses/bushes for your compound as snakes no go get where to dey hang around.

Clean & cover your drainage

Snakes dey travel through drains and if your drainage system dey open and get stagnant water, snakes get more chance.

Snake prevention box

You fit call your plumber to install dis product as even if di reptile enta your drainage system e no go fit enta your toilet.


Science don make chemicals wey dey tested and proven to keep dis reptiles away.

Regular fumigation go give you high chance to stay away from dem.

Finally, always look your WC well well before you sit down.

P.S: We also hear say garlic dey pursue snake! We neva test am oh, na dem-say dem-say tok.

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