See why “SIWES” dey trend dis evening


One Twitter user Mistarfly don enta di bird app to ask fellow users of di app if dem recieve dia SIWES stipends afta di training.

Di Student Industrial Work Experience Sceheme (SIWES) na training wey both university and polytechnic students must pass through.

E dey expected say students go use dis period to gada professional experience for dia relavant fields.

Dis period to na wen dem suppose get hands on approach and to figure out wetin dem wan actually become.

Di Naija govament dey involved in dis programme as dem dey usually pay students afta dem complete di training.

As Mistarfly ask dis question for di bird app, many people don comot to drop dia own SIWES comment.

Naija people don enta di brid app to tok say di payment na scam so make people no even bank on am.

Tho some users tok say dem recieve di payment but e come very late.

Di SIWES programme na for all institutions both private, public, federal, state and polytechnics for di kontiri.

Naija students dey expected to take dis training den give report on wetin dem do for dat period.

Den di students go proceed to submit dis report and also defend wetin dem learn for di training.

Dis na one of di fastest ways for students to get real life experience and meet wetin dem go face afta school.

See more somments from Naija people.


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