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Policeman wey catch Lawrence Anini in di 80’s don kpai

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Kayode Uaneroro, policeman wey catch Lawrence Anini in di 1980s, don kpai.

Mr Anini na notorious tiff wey worry Benin City.

Officer Kayode na strong commandant for mopol training school for Gwoza, Borno state.

Late Mr. Kayode na six feet, dark and muscle man wey no like to dey take nonsense from person.

Na late Mr. Kayode head di mission wit oda officers to nab Anini.

Kayode na ogbonge police detective when him dey alive and him been get black belt for karate.

Him don jam plenty armed robbers and him don send many of dem go yonder with di help of di law.

Kayode run intelligence work dat year wit ten (10) men crack team. Dem storm Benin City wit full force till dem catch Anini.

During dat time Kayode shoot Anini for him left ankle wey make Anini no fit run again.

Na so dem arrest Anini.

After dat time, Mr. Kayode comot from police go dey work as chief security for one top bank for Naija.

Kontiri people wey sabi Kayode dat time tok say na gentle man, jolly fellow, a giant and him no dey tok about him lifestyle anyhow.

Him been give him gun name “Bombay”.

When ever Kayode dey smell trouble him go sharply carry Bombay, dis make many rascals for area dey fear am.

We pray say oga Kayode soul go “Rest In Peace” with him maker.

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