Racism: Man narrate experience of him Naija friend


One Lukas Slothuss wit username @Islothuus for twitter don enta di app to narrate him Naija friend daily encounter wit racism for Europe.

Slothuus tok say racism for Europe don begin pass power and dem need to start look out for dia friends and collegues.

Him give example say one day afta one heavy rain, him friend wey be Naija man see one big branch of wood for ground.

As dis friend dey pick di wood he sight one old white woman for window.

Next thind di police for Germany arrive wia he dey say person report say dem see strang looking man for di area.

Slothuus tok say dis him friend don to suffer racism for Germany and on different occasions.

Anoda one na wen di pricipal of him pikin school call am say him child misbehave for school.

Dis na sake of di pikin na di only black child fir school.

Slothuus tok say more incidents dey wey him no fit yan and dis him Naija friends na very hardworking person.

Di Naija man dey speak ova four languages from different kontiris and also don work hard labour jobs for places wia he don stay.

Racism dey very common for di white man land and also among people of older generations.

Di feel say black people or people of color still dey inferior to di whites na wrong mentality.

Blacks don commot to tok say dem no be inferior people due to color of dia skin.

Dis na why di Black Lives Mata (BLM) movement start.


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