Niger-Delta and di suffer head of oil spillage


According to Ologunorisa for 2001, out of all di oil wey dey produced, 70 percent dey waste enta atmosphere even as decree 99 don place ban on top unauthorized flaring of gasses.

People wey sabi book yan say, dis activities get plenty disadvantages and bad side effects.

Di exploration of dis gas companies, get plenty bad effect for land, water bodies and, atmosphere.

Meanwhile e follow dey affect economic, social and, environmental aspects for di region.

Questions wey dey worry us

We go like to ask one or two questions on top di wahala wey oil spillage and gas flaring get for the Niger-delta region.

1. Wetin dey cause dis oil spillage?

P.S; We no go ask wetin dey cause gas flaring as we don point am out say na by-product of oil production

2. Wetin be number of oil spillage every year?

3. Wetin be di volume of oil spillage?

4. Wetin be di volume of gas flared annually?

5. Agricultural doinz dey decline over di years?

6. Correlation dey between volume of oil spills or gas flared and agricultural output?

(a) If yes, waiting be di extent of di effect of any of di above phenomena as regards agriculture?

(b) How e don take translate to di socio-economic life and environment of di people wey dey live for dis region?

Tins wey dey cause oil spillage

Ahmadu & Egbodion (2013) been identify some of di causes of oil spillage as pipeline and tanker corrosion/rust.

Over time pressure from liquid and surge inside tanks and pipeline dey make am deteriorate.

Oda causes include activities of saboteurs and vandalism (oil bunkering).

Production operations, accidents and ageing facilities too dey follow cause dis wahala.

Dem don observe say na di farther away di spill di lesser di effect of di spill.

Oil sillage for Niger-Delta
Oil sillage for Niger-Delta

Compared to di maximum limit wey World Health Organization (WHO) dey allow, toxic heavy metals like zinc, copper, iron and, manganese dey very high in concentration for di soil.

To add, Niger-Delta don suffer all forms of pollution.

From atmospheric degradation, land depletion, contraction of agricultural to many oda issues.

Health hazard join for dis mata. Both pikin and adult dey suffer all dis issues.

Nembe Spillage

Just like Nembe for Bayelsa, govement investigation don attribute di spillage to vandalism.

Dis one mean say na oil bunkering cause di palava for Nembe.

Nembe oil spill na one of the very recent cases wey EYE SABI dey yan about.

Govanor of Bayelsa state, Duoye Diri dey inspect oil spillage for Nembe community for Bayelsa state.
Govanor of Bayelsa state, Duoye Diri dey inspect oil spillage for Nembe community for Bayelsa state.

We rememba say Govanor Diri, visit di site of di spillage come yan say govament go investigate di mata and also bring swift remedy to di problem.

How oil spillage, gas flaring dey affect agriculture, economy for Niger-Delta

Some literature dey call for more intense enquiry into di extent of di effects of gas flaring.

Activities of gas flaring get obvious social effect (without need for empirical research) on di people for di region.

Tori from villagers be say, extraordinary heat and glow dey affect traditional hunting becos animals dey run comot from di usual place wey people fit hunt.

As a result occupation(s) and diet of di people dey affected and e boil down to poor welfare.

Gas flaring for Niger-Delta
Gas flaring for Niger-Delta

Dem follow observe say animals no dey fit feed on top di shrubs/plants wey dey dat area because of contamination.

Oil dey disturb soil aeration and e dey create carpet wey dey lie on top di soil.

Di growth process of plants dey hindered as oil dey block photosynthesis and respiration.

Chlorophyl deficiency dey based on say e dey covered with oil residue.

Over di years lands wey dey hot for agriculture don turn waste land. Dis don cause agriculture dey less attractive to younger people.

Especially for di communities wey dey affected by oil spills.

E follow increase rural-urban migration in search of white-collar jobs, violence and, crimes, etc.

Farming come dey left to older semi literate people above 48 years.

Cassava farmers dey lament!

With regards to cassava in particular, Ahmadu & Egbodion (2013) yan say, oil spillage na di major cause of di fall in production of cassava.

Depending on how di oil take spill, e fit wipe out one year of crop production.

All di income from cash crops don follow water and e go lead to loss of livelihood.

If di spill reach, e fit destroy eco-systems and extinct means of sustenance.

Gas flaring for di oda hand, dey contribute to climate change with heavy release of greenhouse gases.

Cassava farm
Cassava farm

Dis gasses including carbon dioxide wey dey cause acid rain for di region.

According to study, gas flaring dey release 45.8 billion kilowatts of heat for Naija-Delta daily.

Dis release don cause temperature to rise and render some large areas inhabitable for people.

Meanwhile according to studies, di discovery of oil for 1958 and exploitation don bring serious poverty.

But di poverty dey reflect for water pollution, soil degradation, deforestation and, atmospheric changes.

All dis wahala wey dis region dey face don prove say e no leave dem for beta position from where dem been dey.

E come bad say poor policies from govament no dey properly punish defaulting oil companies.


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