Military say dem don seize power for Burkina Faso


Military for Burkina Faso say dem don seize power and overthrow Presido Roch Kabore.

Dem make di announcement for state television. One army officer, tok say di deteriorating security situation for di kontiri na di reason for military take over.

Mr kabore don face growing discontent over im failure to stop Islamist insurgency.

Him whereabout dey unclear, but di officer say all those detainee dey secure location.

Di coup dey come a day after troops seize barracks and people hear gunshots for di Capital Ouagadougou.

Earlier, di ruling people’s Movement for progress (PMP) party yan say both Mr Kabore and one govament minister survive assassination attempt.

On Sunday, di mutiny troops demand di sacking of all di military chiefs.

Dem also ask for more resources to fight militants wey dey linked to di Islamic State (IS) group and al-Qaeda.

Di army statement tok say Mr kabore don fail o unite di nation and to deal effectively wit di security crisis wey dey threaten di foundation of dia nation.


Dem issue di statement in di name of one group and di patriotic movement for safe guard and restoration or MPSR, im french acronym.

Although anoda officer read am, di statement dey signed by Lt-col Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba.

Damiba dey believe to be di coup leader and senior commander wit years of experience fighting di Islamist Militants.

Di statement tok say parliament and di govament don dey dissolved but promise “to return di constitutional order “within reasonable time”.

Di military also announce say Burkina Faso boarders don close.

UN chief Antonio Guterres don condemn di coup and e dey call on di military to ensure protection and physical integrity of Mr Kabore.

Earlier video footage from di capital show armored vehicles wey presidency dey use.

Di vehicles get bullet holes and e dey abandoned for street.

Mobile internet services don de disrupted, though fixed line internet and domestic wi-fi dey work.

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