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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Iran don execute boy wey dem arrest for murder

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Arman Abdolali don kick bucket by force, inside Rajai Shahr prison near Tehran for Iran.

Dem dey call di style of him death “quasas”, eye for an eye style justice.

Amnesty International appeal on October 11 for Iran to stop di killing of the 25year old wey dem don arrest since 2014, and later convict am becos him kill him girlfriend.

Di London based right groups tok say Abdolali been don dey death row two times but e no been dey possible to execute am due to international outcry.

For 2015, di kontiri sentence Abdolali to death after him unfair trail by court wey believe in “torture-tainted”. Dat one mean say dem go torture you till you confess.

Court sentence Abdolali to death again for 2020 sake of say di teenager been dey responsible for di murder, even tho him no get evidence to deny say him dey guilty.

UN human rights experts been send letter to reason with Iran make dem no kill am becos say na minor wey never reach 18 years.

International human rights law dey against any killing of person wey neva reach 18 years of age.

Amnesty international tok say over 246 killings don dey recorded for Iran and Iran don face different warnings and international threats from many foreign kontiri.

Iran no mind to arrest or pass judgement ontop minors, and dis act dey violate conventional human rights of a child from Islamic republic.

Tori wey dey reach us now be say Iran don kill the man through serious torture in jail.

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