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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Igbo & Yoruba religious leaders suppose dey yan sense to dem agitators — Sheik Gumi

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Islamic Cleric Ahmed Gumi, tok say, religious leaders for South-East and South-West suppose follow dia people reason as him dey follow bandits reason.

For plenti of di kidnapping wey dey happen for Naija, Sheik Gumi dey handle negotiations between govament and bandits.

Plenti kontiri people don ask federal govament to arrest Gumi but nothing don happen.

“I hope say Igbo pastors dey enta IPOB militants to tok sense enter dia head and Odudwa pastors dey tok to dia people against Igboho secessionist tribal movement.

“Dem suppose to teach dia people freedom, equality, and justice for all” Oga Gumi yan for Facebook.

Him follow tok say to declare bandits as terrorists go get serious consequences for Naija.

Presido Buhari spokesman Femi Adesina, don label Gumi “terrorist lover” as dis bandits dey do nyama-nyama tins to kontiri people and him follow condemn him relationship with di bandits.

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