“How we take reach here ?” – Rapper CDQ ask


Top Naija rapper and performer Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf, aka CDQ don throw question to di masses and to di govament as a whole.

Di artist dey ask say “how we take find ourself for dis level”?.

CDQ tok say shey we go ignore di fact say things don really tuff for di kontiri and di masses no get hope.

Di artist tok say pure water of N5 don become N20, Egg of N30 become N120, Bread self follow join di rise.

Oda things na petrol and diesel and basic amenities.

If basic things wey di masses fit easily afford don reach dis level den things don spoil.

CDQ ask say how we take reach dis level wia evrthing don spoil.

Him tok say all di developments and loan wey disgovament don borrow wia dem enta?

How di Naija Niara take fall below Ghana cedis?

Di artist further ask say dis govament get conscience at all?, shey dem be human beings so?.

All dis one dey come as di state of di kontiri don worsen. Di masses dey really suffer and trenches don dey expand.

Things wey easily dey accessible don become hard for di normal people. Only di kontiri elites dey enjoy now.

Some parts of di kontiri N50 no fit even buy anything. Farm products, diaries and all don cost.

Naija people don dey ask dis govament wetin dey really happun.

Fuel queues, Light bills wit out lights and transport fares don ova choke di people of di kontiri.

Di kontiri need help and miracle urgently as di masses dey struggle badly, di middle class don dey shift to di poor class.

Di question for people mind be say, hope dey for Naija atall?


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