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Friday, October 22, 2021

How Google $1 billion investment go help Africa

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Technology giant Google, don announce 1 billion dollar investment for Africa.

Dem yan dis one for dem event, ‘Google for Africa’.

According to BBC Pigin, Sundar Pichai, oga for Alphabet, say di investment go dey for over five years.

Dis investment dey target young people, dia start ups and businesses wey go employ dem.

Google say di plan na to put money inside projects wey go cut across di African continent, including Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and, South Africa.

Everywhere go soft for Young people as dem go benefit pass for di investment because, 70 percent of Africa young people dey below 25 years of age.

Google say wetin matter to dem na to bring di beta-beta tins wey dey internet to everybody for Africa.

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