Horseman wey ride king dead-bodi to forest yan him experience


Wukari Kingdom and kontiri pipo of all part of di world dey reason mata wey dey trend for Wukari.

Mata about horseman wey ride wit di deadi-bodi of Aku-Uka of Wukari, Dr Shekarau Angyu Masa-Ibi enta forest on Sunday.

Pipo dey ask say na who be di horseman wey carry di body of di king enta forest?

Pipo also ask wetin happun to dis horseman?

35-Years-old Sallah Atobe wey don marry wit three pikin na him be di horseman.

Him yan kontiri pipo say na di ”biggest task wey e carry for im life.”

Videos and fotos of di burial rites begin circulate across social media for weekend.

Dis make many pipo begin wonder wetin go happun to di horseman wey enta Nando Forest wit di departed Aku(KING).

‘Na honor to select me for dis big task of riding di Aku to wia him ancestors dey and I no get any fear for my mind say bad tin go happun to me.”

‘Di job no be for pesin wey get fear but as I dey ride wetin dey my mind be say di forest wey I dey go na my great great ancestors dey dia so nothing bad go happun to me.”Atobe yan BBC.

Bicos of tradition and customs, Sallah no yan wetin him see and do inside di Nando forest.

Him just tok more about lack of fear and respect for culture and some tins wey help am overcome.

Di celebrated horseman return on Monday afta him spend two nights inside di forest.

Afta dat, him don visit traditional palace for ritual cleansing and e dey free now to continue with him normal activities.

Just like prince Jolly Agbu Masa-ibi wey yan wit BBC on Monday, horseman Sallah also deny tori say dem give him family N5m bicos say e no go return from di forest.

‘Dat one no be true, notin like N5m or any money, dis na something wey I do willingly and I do am happily as respect to my culture.”

‘Although wen I return, my wife bin dey hospital because she feel say I no go return so she come sick but she dey okay and she dey house now.”

Finally, Sallah say e no agree wit pipo wey dey say time don reach make dem change culture base on di horseman risk.

”Dis na our culture and heritage and I no gree wit pipo wey say make we change am. I dey happy wit am and I want make e remain like dis.”

Di late 85 year old monarch spend 45 years for di Wukari Kingdom throne before him kick bucket for October 2020.

Wukari pipo for Taraba State na Predominantly jukun pipo.

Dia culture for wukari Kingdom na say di ‘horseman’, go escort di late monarch enta forest wey dem go lay am rest as per dia culture and tradition.

”Di tradition for hundreds of years na say horseman go escort any late monarch.

You must be courageous man to do am because anytin fit happun dia. You fit jam many tins for road or coming back like wild animals etc.”

Selection of di horseman dey happun days before di burial rites go happun, afta consulting di gods.”

‘So no be true say na certain family dey do di work. From childhood pesin don know say na im work.”

According to di tradition, di horseman na him go ride di Aku deep into di Nando forest.

Na for wia di Aku go jam him oda ancestors wey also dey final resting place dia.

Many pipo dey escort dem from start but many go begin turn back to di community.

Dem go dey go back until e reach point wey be say na only di horseman go proceed wit di late monarch to him final resting place.

According to Wukari Kindgom tradition Aku no dey die, e only transit to go jam him ancestors.

Na so prince Masa yan.

And regarding di transition rites, preparation dey start from 3 to 7 months according to di prince.


35 year old Sallah dey work wit Federal University Wukari and e dey wit dia security and safety department.

Na same school e finish from afta him secondary school wit govament day secondary school Wukari.

Him yan say e go continue to dey do him work as e dey do everyday.

Sallah na also youth leader for di Wukari community.

Dem dey put togeda youths wey get interest of community development on how to move dia area forward.

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