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Friday, September 24, 2021

Govament wan punish kontiri people wey no wan take COVID-19 vaccine

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Naija govament wan start to punish kontiri people we no wan take COVID-19 vaccine.

Faisal Shuaib, Executive Director of National Primary Healthcare Development Agency tok dis one for meeting with press.

For Edo and Ondo state, di govaments don already tok say people no go dey enter some kain places again if dem neva take COVID-19 vaccine.

Oga Shuaib yarn say di govament fit use di normal law for dis case because dem go dey affect oda people around dem.

“Di Presidential Steering Committee and di Federal Ministry of Health dey find way make evri kontiri person fit get di vaccine including federal govament workers and private business.

“Wen we done dey sure say evribodi don get di vaccine, we go sidan tok about wetin we go do people wey no gree take am.

“If some people no gree take am, dem dey affect people wey no fit take am cause dem no too dey well.

“Den we go punish dem with di law wey tok say your human right end where my own start.

“You get right to say you no wan take di vaccine but you no fit dey cause oda people harm” na wetin Oga Shuaib yarn so.

We go still dey put eye for di mata dey give you update.

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