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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Na weed dey carry me come Los Angeles – Burna

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African Giant Burna Boy, don give him opinion on top why Marijuana (weed) never dey legal for Naija.

Burna for Home Grown Radio Los Angeles, yan say Nigerians na hypocrites as everybody dey smoke weed but, no body one make dem see am with am.

“Na topic wey nobody wan tok about, and na very dumb tin.

“Old people dey yan say weed dey fry brain and dey make am look like say you go mad if you smoke am.

“Everybody dey run am and everybody dey relaxed,” Burna yarn.

Him follow put mouth say weed na di only reason why him like dey come Los Angeles as weed dey free for di place.

Watch di full video for here:

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