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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Di N250m must reach di Orphanages — Davido

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Kontiri people for Twitter dey express fear say di Davido N250m donation no ge reach di supposed orphans.

Di concern wey dis people dey raise na unto di corruption wey dey Naija Orphanage system.

Him comot reply to one of dis tweets say on him life him go make sure say dis money go reach dem.

Which Money Davido dey tok about?

Days before Davido birthday, him use cruise task all him guys to send am N1m each.

Tok-tok begin for say OBO don broke.

As senior man wey him be, him guys turn up for am and within 24hrs him raise N201m.

Baba follow add him own N50m inside di money before him hand am over to people wey go disburse am.

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