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Dem no gree give me work becos of my big belle — Job seeker

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My name na Fatima Waidi, I come from Atiba local govament area for Oyo state.

I be single mama with two pikin, I be hair stylist and SSCE holder.

My face don show for social media becos I complain to people about how one big company for Lagos no gree give me work sake of say, my belle big.

Di matter wey happen be say;

I been dey find work so I go fit dey get more money to feed my family.

Person come give me information say interview dey happun for one company, so I carry body go for di interview.

As I reach there, I meet person wey interview me, di HR (Human Resources) manager.

Wen interview finish, dem tell me say na me sure pass for di job and dem even welcome me for di company.

Dem come say make I wait for di general manager so I go fit meet with her.

I don dey happy finish say I don get di job.

As I ready to comot for di office, di general manager just look my belle tell me say I get (FUPA) belle fat.

I answer her say yes ma, she come yan say she dey sorry but dem no fit employ me because of my belle.

I just confuse for di office, she for just tell me say I no qualify for di job, e for beta than this one wey she shame my body on top.

I just comot from there, I cry taya that day.

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