See why ‘Yahoo’ dey trend for Twitter

One Twitter user Ibrokolet on Tuesday, enta di bird app yan say LASTMA stop am as him dey work say him be 'Yahoo' boy. Ibrokolet...

Reactions: Twitter pipo comment as J.J Omojuwa drop pre-wedding fotos

Japheth J Omojuwa Naija blogger, author, public speaker, socio-economic, political commentator and social media expert, don ready to settle down. Di social commentator release him...

See why ‘Arise TV’ dey trend for Twitter

For di poll wey Arise TV run, Peter Obi carry first for di list, den second na All Progressive Congress candidate, Bola Tinubu.

Reactions: Fans comment afta Chelsea sack coach Thomas Tuchel

Di sack come as shock to many pipo wey be fans of di club fans as dem no expect am.

Reactions: Twitter users comment afta Naija man give job advise

While some people agree wit wia him dey see things from, odas no follow am reason am like dat.