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Thursday, September 16, 2021

C. Ronaldo wan comot Juventus – Coach Allegri

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Massimiliano Allegri wey be Juventus coach don tok say Cristiano Ronaldo wan comot Juventus.

Hin tok dis one on Friday, 27th August, as di rumour don dey waka for social media.

Allegri tok am for news conference say Ronaldo yarn am dis one on Thursday.

“Yesterday, Ronaldo yarn me say hin no wan play for Juventus again.

“Ronaldo no train yesterday, na why hin no go follow us play Empoli dis weekend,” na wetin Allegri tok.

Yarns wey dey waka for market be say C. Ronaldo don dey follow Premier League champions, Man City, tok.

Sky Sports Italia tok say Ronaldo don already dey tell him team mate bye-bye oh!

EYE SABI go still dey put eye on top the matta as di tori dey be.

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