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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

BBNaija: Whitemoney advice Queen on top ‘touching body’

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Whitemoney dey look out for him personal person Queen, as him been get one or two advice for her.

Queen yan Whitemoney say she go like join politics.

Following dat Friday night Jacuzzi Party wey Queen and Cross been dey intimate, Oga White been chuk small mouth.

“I dey try protect you, because all dis kain extra kissing and pressing na stupid tins.

“Except sey you no wan do politics again full time.

“I don see people loose positions because of all dis kind tins,” Whitemoney yan Queen.

Queen come yan sey if she wan do stupid tins she for run tins with Boma.

“Na so you go yan, I promise you no be beta tins” Whitemoney come add.

Oga white been get oda tins to yan about Angel onto say she dey chase clout.

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