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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Sokoto villagers run bandits ‘jungle justice’ afta attack

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Armed bandits, onto do me I do you, enta Saminaka, one village wey dey Bale-Tangaza road for Sokoto State, on Sunday evening.

According to tori from Punch, vigilantes been don kpai some of dis bandits earlier.

Dis bad men slaughter children, kpai innocent house wives wey been dey try run from dem.

Dem follow loot shops and people houses. Dem also carry food stuffs run.

Youths and vigilantes wey been dey vex enter dis bush to go find dis bad men.

Dis dia movement been dey successful as dem catch 16 suspects for bush.

Di villagers at first submit dis suspects to dia local police and try convice police to kpai dis bad men.

Later villagers rethink dia decision as dem overpower police come run dis bad men jungle justice.

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