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Saturday, December 4, 2021

As haters laugh man wey propose for KFC, Coca-Cola, Audi, Puma shock dem

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One South-African man (we no know him name), done make up him mind say him wan marry him baby-okwu.

As life no balance reach, di man carry him ring go propose to him baby for popular fast food eatery, KFC.

Na so amebo people yab am taya say why him go run di proposal for KFC.

But as na God dey run dis life, E SHOCK DEM!

As di yabbing plenty for social media, South African big brands decided to turn di man wedding to luxurious one.

Dis brands shower di couples with gifts upon gifts.

Audi, Puma, Coca-Cola and others turn up for di man.

Di hashtag #KFCProposal trend for net.

Open View promise to give di couple dem 42 inch TV and Saks Consulting Group yan say dem go light di couple house afta marriage.

Popular soda company Coca-Cola yan say dem go provide all di drinks for di wedding.

Audi yan say dem go carry the couple go dem reception for one of dem ogbonge car.

Di display of pure class from dis brands been give people all over social media joy.

E dey pass message to people say e no be crime to start small.

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