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Friday, September 24, 2021

Bandits don attack NDA, kill Sojas

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Bandits don attack Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA).

For di attack, dem kill three sojas, come kidnap others.

One kontiri man wey be eye witness yarn say hin see everything as e happen for Tuesday night.

Hin tok say three soldier men die for the kata kata.

Hin say di gunmen carry oda people commot and hin sure say some major generals follow for people wey dem kidnap.

Nobody don sure weda any student follow for people wey dem kidnap as person wey bin represent di Nigerian Army no greet tok put for di mata.

Anoda thing be say na dis same time wey Naija security men dem bin wan enter forest for Kaduna, Niger and Zamfara wey bad people dem dey go hide.

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