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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

109 senators too plenty for Naija – Sen. Rochas

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Rochas Okorocha former govanor of Imo state, don raise mata onto di cost of govanance for we country.

Him yarn dis tin on Monday to media during Nigerian Union of Journalists media parley.

“We too many waiting three senators dey do for one state?.

“Remember I tok say make we get 1 senator per state.

“E raise plenty controversy for we kontiri but e no come too tey Italy cut down dia number of senators by 60%.”

Mr Okorocha follow yarn say if we dey try old tin e no work make we try something new.

According to Mr Okorocha, senators salary na about N2 million with housing allowance of N3 million and other allowances we go reach N11 million.

Him yarn sey if we get senator make we pay am well so him go fit to do work well except say na part time work.

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